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IX Kinesio Tape

What is IX Tape?


IX Tape is a next-generation kinesio sports tape designed to stimulate your body's natural healing process while at the same time giving you the support you need for sustained activity. It features a unique combination of natural, environmentally sound minerals blended into the fibers of the tape to create a product that is many times more effective at preventing injury and reducing pain than ordinary athletic tapes.  


How it works


By increasing blood flow and maximizing oxygen availability to muscle groups, IX Tape is able to reduce recovery time and increase performance levels without hindering your flexibility or range of motion. No matter the root cause, IX Tape can help reduce inflammation brought on by muscle strains, arthritis, tendonitis, overuse injuries, and much more. It is lightweight, easy to apply, and comes recommended by physicians, medical researchers, and professional athletes around the world.


Benefits of IX


Not just for athletes, IX Tape is a product with applications that go beyond the sports world.  It features Tourmaline, a mineral known to generate negative ions—one of nature's most effective medicines.  Negative ions are molecules that have gained a negatively charged electron either from sunlight, radiation, or the movement of air and water.  They can be found in abundance around beaches, waterfalls, mountains, or in areas immediately after a thunderstorm.  The biochemical reactions negative ions stimulate are a crucial part of what makes IX Tape not just a recovery tool for athletes, but a wide-reaching therapeutic tool with positive effects on human health.  Studies have shown negative ion therapy as having effects comparable to prescription antidepressants.  It increases serotonin levels and the flow of oxygen to the brain, in turn giving users more energy and higher alertness.  Negative ions bring these effects about naturally, reducing the need for medications and narcotics and in some cases even replacing them.

IX for therapy


Kinesiology tape has been in use for decades as a means of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries. It has been shown to physically correct the alignment of weakened muscle tissue—offering support while at the same time allowing a much greater range of motion in comparison to standard athletic tape. IX Tape goes a step further by combining the pure physical therapy of kinesio tape with the negative ion therapy that comes from the presence of IX's unique mineral components.  This combination means our product has a two pronged approach to alleviating pain and stimulating a greater level of health and well-being in the people who use it.  It doesn't matter if you're looking for relief from generalized pains and stiffness, rehabilitating large muscles like hamstrings and quadriceps, or combating soreness in smaller connective tissues like Achilles tendons and knee ligaments, as long as it is used properly and combined with other treatment methods, IX Tape can help with your therapy so you can be back on the move faster.


IX for athletes


When applied correctly, IX Tape runs with the contours of the skin.  The lightweight design creates a natural feel that is ideal for athletes who need to stay in motion and stay active in spite of minor injuries.  The design allows athletes in all sports to move naturally without feeling like something is pulling on their muscles.  Depending on application, IX Tape can be used to tone muscles, reduce tension, or stimulate areas by freeing up the movement of lymphatic fluid and lactic acid, greatly assisting the body as it recovers from physical activity.  The higher mental energy and the stress reduction brought on by the negative ions helps keep competitors at the top of their game mentally during training and competition.


IX Tape does all this without the introduction of any foreign chemicals into the body.  It is a natural product that works through synergy with the body's own capabilities to heal itself and relieve pain.  It can reduce the need for medications and in some cases even replace them altogether.  Whether you use it before a workout to increase stability or in your down time to help relieve the pain from new or old injuries, IX Tape won’t stop working.


Don’t just take our word for it.  Trust the countless professional athletes and their trainers who see the results of IX Tape.  

IX Tape is cutting edge technology, designed to give people with an active lifestyle the strength and confidence they need to perform their best.


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